Our action is clear and is defined around the following values
You speak, we listen.
We work for maximum customer satisfaction.
We act with integrity in everything we do.
We work in respect of relationships.
We promote entrepreneurship.

“Your tactical real-estate partners”
We find homes and secondary residences, offices and commercial buildings, and shop fronts. To buy, to sell or to lease.

You talk & we listen
Working with Tactica starts with a discussion, so we really can understand your needs; only thereafter do we start the search. There is no pushing for quick sales with us. We ensure that each customer gets the time and assistance needed to lead to a successful close. Though we cannot guarantee that we will find your dream property, we do guarantee that we will make every effort to get you as close as possible.

A Company founded on trust and networks
Our business is built on trusted relationships and a large network. Our offer to you is access to this network. 80% of the objects we have in our portfolio are off-market. They do not show up on our, or any other, website. Book a meeting and we’ll be happy to show you the wonderful selection we propose. Our network provides access directly to sellers or leaseholders, speeding up the process and ensuring that you know what you are buying/renting and from whom.

The Proof is in the pudding
Like in any business, when clients come back for more it means the job is done right. We build long-term relationships and follow you as your family or business grow. Secondary residences? No problem there either. We know where to go and who to talk to.

Not just real estate?
Networks also mean access to products, services and experiences. Buying a home or setting up a business involves so much more than only finding the physical real estate. We can guide you through the process, and find the designers, decorators, website designers, or school connections – anyone or anything that can help you settle in or get your business up and running faster and more comfortably.